Who We Are



IDC was incorporated in 1998 and operates in the global arena as socio-economic sustainable development consultants to international best practice. Although IDC has worked in over 40 countries across the globe, we work mainly in sub Saharan Africa and have active teams on both the East and West coast. Our clients include corporations, donors and governments and we plan, develop, research and implement their various development agendas. We consult on all aspects of social development but specialise in Resettlement Action Plans, (RAPs) in line with IFC Performance Standards and other international safeguards.

As part of our sustainable development vision, we ensure that we maintain a high local content in each country we operate. This includes recruiting local graduates from a cross section of disciplines and training them to international best practice. These interns continue with us during the course of the project and remain with the client long after we have left. Sometimes they go onto commence post-graduate degrees and some continue with IDC to develop their skills on other projects. After 20 years of operation, many of our current associates and senior consultants started their early careers with IDC.


Mission statement: To excel in the development arena, ensuring that corporate investments and donor interventions are sustainable, equitable and ultimately improve lives and livelihoods of the local poor and most vulnerable.

Vision: To provide quality services that ensures Free Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC), and innovative solutions that are culturally appropriate, practical, measurable, implementable and affordable.
Core values: We believe in transparency and accountability, maintaining integrity and best practice business ethics with all our stakeholders through genuine participatory consultations.
Goals: To be a leader in culturally appropriate best practice in sustainable development in Sub Saharan Africa and actively ensure that development does more good than harm.