At IDC we are proud to conduct our work to the highest professional and ethical standards. This page highlights some of the feedback we get from the people we are in touch with. We hope to impact positively on each stakeholder – whether it is the project affected subsistence farmer, the client or the funding institution.

Resettlement Action Plan for EcoEnergy, Tanzania

“According to AfDB the level of ambition of disclosure and consultations has exceeded national standards and are well in line with those of the AfDB. AfDB finds that the proceedings have been very extensive, people centered and very concerned with meeting different target groups needs and expectations” – Ms Rachel Aron, Senior Social Development Specialist (African Development Bank).


“As we have been working with IDC, we got so many benefits like the informal education that we receive for us who are grown ups and have our families. We get the knowledge on how to capture the opportunities in life, life skills and adopting to new technologies and living in the modern world. We are also taught on modern techniques on livestock keeping when we visited Ruvu and Lugoba ranch where we learnt a lot beneficial to us. We have now formed a cooperative group for the youth which help us in achieving so many things. I thank IDC for giving me an awareness on how to run my life according to the modern world. Also we are glad now we have got the formal education, we know how read and write. Even the women get the education. Our children go to school and this is from the advice IDC gave us. As we are moving ahead, IDC is helping us to get a boarding school where our children will get classes closer to schools and the Barbaig community from the youths to elders are now having an awakening and understanding on various issues in life such as importance of education. IDC has also provided us with Barbaig teachers who have set an example to us on how we can develop ourselves.” – Joseph Magosh, Youth Leader Barbaig Community, Pwani Region, Tanzania .


“A very thorough stakeholder mapping has been pursued by EcoEnergy’s RAP consultants IDC in order not only to investigate income and property standards but also power and gender relations in the affected communities and the opportunities and willingness for pursuing alternative livelihoods after the resettlement. This has contributed to preparing the PAPs for new ways to raise their living standards as well as making EcoEnergy more able to match empowerment programs to the expectations of the PAPs.” – Swedish International Development Agency.


“Luckily, IDC came and gave us enough awareness on compensation in-kind like houses and land for the original residents of the area.” –  Mtumwa Mrisho Mwinjuma, Project Affected Farmer, Pwani Region.