Stephen Obekpa Abah

Medical Doctor in Community Health (West African College of Physicians, Nigeria), MBBS School of Medicine, University of Jos, Nigeria

Steve has been a partner consultant of IDC for the past six years. Steve has over 15 years of professional experience in health and impact assessment in Nigeria and has produced over 100 written reports in his career. Works include assessment of health care capacity and capabilities, health status of local communities, and stakeholder engagements at the community at both local Government and state level.  Steve has also been involved with the rehabilitation and reintegration of populations physically or economically displaced by projects. He specialises in cutting issues such as the drug revolving fund and procurement systems, immunisation of children, HIV/AIDS; Capacity building of communities in the Niger Delta on sanitation and waste management and community-based natural resource management. He is responsible for the design and implementation of data gathering tools for social and health assessments of human populations, mostly at management level; Public consultations and participation; community mobilization; Due diligence and project risk assessments, IFC standards and stakeholder engagements, Environmental assessments and audits, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and capacity building for health workers, Engineers, NGOs, community groups and project managers and working with International NGOs. His previous clients include Shell and the Worldbank.