RAP Scope

RAP ScopeResettlement Action Plans



One client was building a port in a new free trade zone (FTZ). The first challenge was that the GIS information they had received from FTZ was inaccurate and all the subsequent geo-tech work was based on the wrong location. Although the Ministry of Lands had corrected the GPS coordinates, the FTZ had not shared it with new investors.

IDC had been working on another RAP in the area and were aware of the incoherence of the coordinates, so when IDC was asked to work on the Port, we knew immediately there was an issue.

The Port as planned, fell half outside the FTZ area and into another state. Once the client had confirmed the correct location, the challenge was to find an alternative location that minimised impact on local communities.


Working with the rest of the scoping teams (environmental, engineering and finance), a suitable alternative location was identified.