Resettlement Action Plan, Tanzania, 2012
Completed in 2012 for Swedish agricultural company EcoEnergy for its lender requirements through the African Development Bank.

Project Brief:
Bagamoyo EcoEnergy has entered into a joint venture partnership with the Tanzanian Government and has been provided with 24000 HA of land by the GoT on the western part of the Ranchi ya Zanzibar (Razaba) area in Bagamoyo District, Tanzania. The intention is to develop a green field sugar cane plantation. This RAP Summary provides a brief of the resettlement plans for the BEE Project in accordance with the African Development Bank’s Involuntary Resettlement Policy and the IFC PS5 (2012).

The summary is based on the RAP produced in April, 2012 which serves as a framework for all current and future resettlement needs for the Project. The main objective is to ensure that Project Affected Persons (PAPs) standard of living is maintained or where possible improved and there is equitable development for host communities. Whereas the RAP will follow Tanzanian Laws, where these are not adequate AfDB and IFC PS5 resettlement guidelines will prevail and be applied.
The full summary can be found here: Resettlement Action Plan for EcoEnergy, Tanzania, May 2012