Nigeria 2012

IDC has just completed a ground-breaking socio-economic baseline survey in Rivers State, Nigeria – with a Tanzanian office manager. The research process was designed by IDC and led by consultant Bankole Allibay. Bankole chose a  young graduate from the current Tanzania team as his sidekick to give her exposure to the world of international consultancy. Ritha Mboneko (26) supervised the data entry and office procedures in Port Harcourt. This was her first time working outside outside Tanzania.

She describes her experience as follows:

“This is the first time that I am away from my home country and work with the people I don’t know. The behaviour and culture in Nigeria is very different –  except for the color. It has been a wonderful experience for me. I mean a very fabulous one. I used to be supervised and told what to do but now I have to get to supervise people myself, teach them what to do and how to do it. It has been challenging because it is my first time to be in charge. This leadership role for me is a great learning curve especially supervising people who are older than me. I try not to be very strict and serious to make them work and deliver.

The first time I got the news about coming to Nigeria for this work I was shocked, trembling for fear. I said yes but deep down my heart I thought I could not do it, but this has taught me a lot in my life and I will make sure I am improving more and more.

I came to conclude that in this world everything is possible under the sun. It’s just you to face it and believe that you can. My special thanks goes to IDC for giving me this chance to explore and all the support you gave me.”

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