Newsletters 2016


Q1: Health Baseline Research and Field Trials:The big news is our new offices in Dar es Salaam. Smart offices, smart address in Oyster Bay. We also give a summary of the health baseline research and field trials we undertook for Ifakara Health Institute and profiles of two of the IDC Team. 
Q1: Health Baseline Research and Field Trials – ENG (PDF)

Q2: Land Based Conflicts: Last quarter we told you about our new offices in Dar es Salaam. But more exciting news (I think), are our operational offices and training centre in Bagamoyo. On the consultancy front, we took a look at conflicts between the farmers and pastoralists; the causes, the parties involved and the consequences. We again profile two of our team members, and interestingly, one was a former pastoralist and the other from a farming background.

Q2: Land Based Conflicts – ENG (PDF)

Q3: Participatory Appraisal Accountability In Tanzania: This quarter we have had a chance to visit 4 regions of Tanzania, looking at various accountability programmes. Excitingly, we also filmed the communities participating in the programmes and are able to share their voices with us. Yet again, we profiled another two members of the IDC Team who went out in the field to meet the people.

Q3: Participatory Appraisal Accountability In Tanzania – ENG  (PDF)

Q4: Big Results Now Education Ground Verifications: A major part of IDC’s work in the international arena involves monitoring and evaluation. This quarter newsletter, will focus on two very different projects, one in Tanzania undertaking verification for (BRNeD), which took us to 10 regions of Tanzania and into 200 schools.  The second project, in Sierra Leone, was aimed to assure that the African Development Bank (AfDB) social safeguards were being implemented along the new Tonkolili Road and developing a safeguard training programme for the client, Sierra Leone Roads Authority (SLRA) in preparation for future internationally funded Projects.

Q4: Big Results Now Education Ground Verifications – ENG (PDF)