Ally Bedford

C.Ed (Oxford, UK).,  BA Hons (Ibad, Nigeria), MA SOAS (London, UK), DProf (Middlesex, UK) on-going

Ally is MD of IDC Ltd. Over the last ten years Ally has specialised in Resettlement Action Plans (RAP) that confirm to international best practice (OP4.2 & IFC PS5). She has particular interests in developing participatory and innovative socio-economic research methodologies, livelihood improvements and capacity building for change. She is a recognized consultant with the World Bank, IFC, DfID, UNCHR, and the EU. Ally has a background in development and inward investment into new economies. She has undertaken feasibility studies, negotiated with Governments and been proactive in promoting national sustainable development agendas especially with regards to RAPs globally. Previous Clients include the major oil, gas, mining and agricultural corporations, international donor agencies, national governments and university research units. Although a practitioner in the field, Ally is also a published academic and has made documentaries on sustainable development in action. Ally speaks Yoruba and Hausa with English as her mother tongue.