IDC Compliance

Sustainable development is ensuring a safe solution to today’s challenges while ensuring that it does not impair the safety of the future. IDC Ltd Ethical Standards guide its operations globally to ensure a range of sustainable solutions for all its operations.


Local Content

As a matter of principle and preference, IDC takes on young graduates from the specific country in which we operate and train them up to international best practice. This means when IDC leaves, there are competent young nationals to continue the work and implementation of the RAP, CSR or other sustainable processes where the client requires.

Health and Safety

IDC’s Heath and Safety Policy aims to establish a ‘zero incident workplace’. We develop bespoke Health and Safety Policies that reflect the risks associated to specific individual projects. However there are also generic standards, which cut across all projects. The policy empowers every member of the team to own and champion the health and safety process. It emphasises: a “see it, own it and share it” methodology of safety in the work place and in associated areas. Read more.

Labour and Human Rights

The Human Resource of IDC Ltd is the most valuable component of the company. IDC Ltd Policy on Labour and Human right is in compliance with International Labour Organisation best practices on labour and human right issues. IDC Ltd is an EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER. Because many of IDC Ltd operations take place in emerging economies, we are committed to international best practices, local and national laws regardless of the location. Read more.


One major core value of IDC Ltd is the strong commitment to accountability, transparency and anti-corrupt practices. IDC Ltd operates a zero tolerance policy on corrupt practices such as bribery, inducements, unofficial facilitation, etc. IDC Ltd is in compliance with international best practices on anti-corruption and transparency, essentially the United Kingdom Bribery Act of 2010. This policy is designed to be a business-wide approach regardless of the cadre. Read more.


The Communities are at the heart of all IDC Ltd’s operations. Our policy on managing communities is in compliance with the International Financial Corporation’s Stakeholder Engagement Manual. It emphasises respect, truthfulness, transparency and importantly, Free Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) in dealing with communities especially the project-affected. 


IDC Ltd is committed to protecting the environment. We aim to always minimize our footprint on the environment by encouraging green, and re-usable energy in all our operations. We plan our journeys to cut down on fuel consumption, encourage recycling, conservation of natural habitats such as wetlands and cultural archives, etc. Read more.


IDC Ltd recognise the sensitivity of the information shared and gathered in the course of its operations. This policy is designed to protect such information that is deemed confidential to our clients, our service providers, government agencies and essentially information of our respondents in the course of our operations. Every employee, contractor, service provider and sub-contractor is enjoined to maintain this confidentiality. Read more.

IDC is committed to the British Council 2016 Policies as listed on their website:

Including those listed below but not limited to:

  • Anti-Fraud and Corruption
  • Child Protection Policy
  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Fair Trading
  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Environmental Policy
  • Records Management
  • Privacy