Habari Gani? IDC Newsletter in Swahili

IDC’s current resettlement work in Tanzania is in a rural area with poor transportation links to the regional capital Bagamoyo and other large cities such as Dar es Salaam or Dodoma. To bridge this gap between the remote project site  and the administrative centers,  oftentimes responsible for decision making . IDC produces regular newsletters in Swahili and English to distribute to regional and national authorities as well as in the communities.

Many IDC initiatives such as Early Measures (more info here) and the employment of local young graduates have struck a cord in the regional and national government offices. The newsletter is a great way of communicating IDC’s efforts to a wider audience.

See an online version of the newsletters on our publications page or download pdfs here:

Q2 Newsletter SWH

IDC Q1 2013 Newsletter ENG
IDC Q1 2013 Newsletter SHW

IDC Q2 2013 Newsletter ENG
IDC Q2 2013 Newsletter SWH