Consultation Film Project


Tanzanian RAP: In March, 2012, a film team from London documented the participatory consultation process with impacted people in the Pwani Region of Tanzania. Please click on the image to watch the documentary. 


Tanzania: A short clip on livelihoods development – A case study of Charcoal Producers. 


Nigeria: RAP Cultural Archiving. The RAP process: an IDC film on getting to know the people, their lives and livelihoods. 


Grassroots Voices on Land Conflicts in Tanzania. A short IDC film on Grassroots Voices on Land Conflicts in Tanzania . 


Nigeria: A day in a Life of a Fisherman. In this clip we take a look in  a day in a life of a Fisherman. 

Nigerian RAP Process: stakeholder consultation. Using drama as a tool for development. Rumour mongering was a major issue, meaning there was trouble on site. The IDC RAP team went out and improvised by using drama to hit the issues right on. 







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