Ideas for the future

IDC has completed its 10th Early Measure.

Early Measures are initiatives designed to bridge the time between the baseline studies for the resettlement action plan and implementation.
Resettlement is a time with much insecurity and concerns for all parties involved. The project proponent is eagerly waiting for financial close, the Finance Institution need to get all documentation and the project affected person are in the midst of it all.

They have been people and property counted. They have been promised compensation. They might be eager, anxious, afraid or excited. Whatever they feel, they should not feel abandoned.

IDC has a simple and effective remedy to combat the insecurity of the in-between period. IDC has introduced a concept of “Early Measures”. These are short monthlong taster courses. They prepare the participants for future livelihood programs and give the whole community ideas of innovative ways to earn income.

Most courses are carried out in partnership with local organisations or government programmes. This exposes the often secluded participants to on-going local initiatives. The project proponent supports the local civil society and delivers on its corporate social responsibility. For images and more explanation of the programme stucture click here.