“Our global experience, in-depth local knowledge and participatory stakeholder consultations foster practical, creative, sustainable and cost-effective solutions.”
Ally Bedford
Founder & Managing Director


years of




IDC in the making

The founder, Ally Bedford, set up a small off the shelf company, Granary Ltd to carry out sustainable development work in response to the Rio Summit in 1992. Following its success, in 1998, it changed its name to the more appropriate, International Development Consultants Limited, simply known as “IDC”.

The IDC Team

Global experience – Local knowledge

Each project will have different challenges and require different skills sets. IDC uses its large network of international consultants to bring in the right expertise to compliment national consultants. Additionally, we recruit and train young graduates to international best practice in each country we work.

Our core values


We are committed to dealing with all stakeholders with honesty and transparency at all times.

Growth & Empowerment

We are committed to continual growth and empowerment of communities in all we plan and all we do.


We believe that the best solutions are found by listening to our stakeholders concerns and finding collective solutions with them.


Our strength is in our diversity, and knowing that each and every skill set contributes to the IDC family as the whole.


Passion is at the heart of IDC. We strive for excellence in whatever we do and show a deep respect for all human beings.


As advocates of international best practice in social sustainability, we share our knowledge and experience with other practitioners.

What we do

Resettlement Action Plans (RAP) – IFC compliant

IDC consults on all aspects of social sustainability and equitable development in most sector industries developing in the emerging markets.

We specialise in land acquisition and involuntary resettlement (RAPs) in line with international best practice (IFC Performance standards).

IDC also continues to work on smaller projects including capacity building, monitoring and evaluation, policy development, conflict resolution, transparency, programme design, research and compliance.

Our clients

IDC clients include multinational corporations working on green field developments, donors supporting interventions in the emerging markets, ground research for academic institutions and NGOs.

We often work as sub consultants to the majors as practitioners, as we offer the ‘experienced feet on the ground’ and so the larger environmental and engineering consultants are our clients as well.

Where we work

Led by its founder, IDC has worked in 44 countries across 5 continents.
We now specialise in development projects across Sub Saharan Africa.
We have a branch in Nigeria and a local company in Tanzania.